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Exclusive: Peek at new ‘Simpsons’ celebrity figures 
(Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY)

We’ve seen a lot of Simpsons merchandise over the years, but last year was the first time products incorporated one of the coolest aspects of the show: its guest stars.

To celebrate 25 seasons of the ‘toon, NECA and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products are unveiling 25 action figures based on the series’ greatest celebrity guests. The first wave includedSimpsons-ized versions of Hugh HefnerJames BrownTom HanksKid Rock and Yao Ming.

Today I’m happy to exclusively reveal the second wave of figures: The WhoMark HamillTony HawkLucy Lawless and Britney Spears.

These little guys go on sale in April at retailers including Toys R Us and Spencer’s. So now you know exactly what to get that Xena fan in your life!

(via USA Today)

Aw but some of these are from the worst episodes of Simpsons.

Celebrate one of the main reasons why The Simpsons became so awful.

I would definitely buy a Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins action figure.

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And I, unlike other folks who have written on the topic, will not give recruits and corps members an easy way out. For those considering TFA, if you have no intention of teaching after your two years are up, then you should never start in the first place. These students do not exist to pad your resume. To those who are currently working for TFA, regardless of whether or not you feel you can make a difference, you are still exercising your privilege and contributing to the deprofessionalization of teaching. Worse, you are keeping experienced, fully certified teachers from your students. I will never tell you not to teach. In fact, I will encourage it. I will simply ask that you learn how to teach first. I will ask that you respect your students enough to be as prepared as humanly possible before you take their education into your hands. Because it is precious. And they deserve more. Period. Undertrained teacher after undertrained teacher in an underfunded school will only lead to further educational inequity. Don’t argue that because you plan to be a teacher long term it is okay for you to do TFA. You are still acting as a part of an organization that is trying to destroy the very profession. Either way, I am asking you to quit.

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A friend told me the new Hofstra acceptance letters are riddled with hashtags and I haven’t stopped vomiting. 

Today I described Hofstra as a “barely disguised clown college” and this is pretty much what I was talking about.